Hi, We Are Colour!

Feel free to have a look around.

Who is colour?

We’re a group of digital media aficionados, with years of experience in creating user friendly, informative content and linking visitors with companies they’d love.
Our speciality is in the legal market, through a variety of lead generation, content and platform-based websites.

What is it we do?

Find an industry

We identified law as an industry that needs de-mystified. Taking complex industry jargon and presenting it in an easy to understand format is our speciality.

Invest in a brand

We invest heavily and make sure we always build on solid foundations. We’re no fly-by-night cowboys!

Build epic content

We don’t want people to click through a dozen ads to access a line of content. We don’t build pages for pageviews. We build page to inform, educate and entertain our visitors.

Show off our partners

After visitors get all the information they need, if they’d like to they can check out one of our partners. These companies could help them with a legal matter. No obligation. Only if they choose.

Our Brands

Below you'll find a small sample of our brands at various levels of development.